Our Food Philosophy

check-green-icon Eat enough to fuel your body.
check-green-icon Demand nutrition that maximizes flavor.
check-green-icon Eat intentionally to achieve your goals.
check-green-icon Learn to break the rules and enjoy life without regret.

Our Team

Braden Posey

Braden brings to KITCH the lessons learned from a decade spent operating high-touch retail businesses focused on unrivaled customer experiences. His hobbies include jiu jitsu, spending time with his family, and trying every great restaurant in Kansas City.

Phil Stewart

Driven by a relentless pursuit to put the customer first, Phillip has always been focused on how industries can be improved, and has brought that mentality to KITCH. Outside of business, he enjoys making music, golf, and committing time to his closest friends.

Kerry Goebel

Having grown up in a restaurant family, Kerry always knew that food would be his career and now operates multiple restaurant concepts around the Kansas City area. Besides providing outstanding food experiences, he enjoys golf and time with his growing family.

Our Purpose & Values

KITCH creates healthy, flavor-packed meals that fuel people's ambition to achieve their goals.

serving platter symbolizing service

Whether you’re working towards specific health goals or just looking for convenient nutrition, our team is here to provide you support and service along the way.

sun peaking out from behind cloud symbolizing optimism

We are more than optimistic about our food’s ability to change your experience of everyday life – as well as your ability to stick with a diet that serves you.

dumbbells weights symbolizing discipline

We stay disciplined when it comes to meeting our own expectations for product quality, taste, diversity, service and accessibility. We are above no work.

question mark in a magnifying class symbolizing curiosity

We don’t claim to have all the answers – but we do ask all the questions. Curiosity helps us discover little-known ingredients, new flavors and emerging science to better serve you.

fizzing bomb symbolizing tension

If there’s tension in our business, it means we refuse to be comfortable. Healthy tension related to our products, service and experience produces better outcomes for you.

two arrows in a circle symbolizing change

We are purpose-driven to eliminate the impact that an unhealthy diet can have on your life. We will always invest in continued innovation for our food and our products.